Julie RosinskiJulie Rosinski

Breast Cancer Survivor

"You don't really understand the sisterhood of breast cancer until you live it," says Julie Rosinski, a respiratory care assistant at Methodist Hospital.

After her diagnosis, she found that "women just came forward to help, explain and show me what to expect." Julie is forever grateful to the support she received from other survivors, her family, faith, co-workers and care team, including internist William Shiffermiller, MD; oncologist David Silverberg, MD; pathologist John Gentry, MD; plastic surgeon John Edney, MD; radiologist Richard Kutilek, MD; and surgeon Scott Rose, MD.

Julie feels blessed that her cancer was caught so early, saying, "I'm a cancer crusader now, here to help others and to spread the word about the importance of annual mammograms for early detection and treatment."