Lorie OlsonLorie Olson

Endometrial & Brain Cancer Survivor

"Hope is such a strong word," says Lorie Olson, who beat endometrial cancer and then faced glioblastoma multi forme, the most aggressive and deadly brain cancer.

As Lorie's family rallied to celebrate her last months, an expert, multidisciplinary team of Methodist physicians customized a treatment plan of brain surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Neurosurgeon John Treves, MD; medical oncologist Stephen Lemon, MD; and radiation oncologist Randall Duckert, MD, were determined to give Lorie her best change of survival.

Today, more than four years later, Lorie is cancer-free and enjoying a full life. Feeling blessed to have welcomed her first grandchild into the world, Lorie awaits the birth of the second grandchild later this year.