Lowell PetersenLowell Petersen

Leukemia Survivor

"Believing you will survive is such a major part of the battle," explains Lowell Petersen, a bicycle cop and cycling fanatic diagnosed with advanced acute myeloid leukemia in 1995.

The prognosis was bleak; Lowell could see the good- byes in his friends' eyes. Lowell credits oncologist Robert Langdon Jr., MD, and the Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center care team with strengthening his resolve, saying, "They made me feel from the first day that they would do, and they would help me to do, whatever was needed to save my life." Lowell won his battle and went on to demonstrate that cancer is not a death sentence, first with his three-day "Ride to Recovery" across Nebraska and then with other cycling events, raising more than a quarter of a million dollars to fight blood-related cancers.

Lowell retired from the police force in 2008. He continues to enjoy time with his family, competitive cycling, duathlons and half- marathons and reaching out to other cancer survivors.