Mary Robinson

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Survivor

“I am grateful for every day God gives me on this earth, and I plan on making every moment count!” said Mary Robinson, who fought a potentially life-ending leukemia battle with such bravery, optimism and heart that nurses nicknamed her “G.I. Mary Jane.”

At 38, this mother of four and teacher of the visually impaired chose to see only the CAN in CANcer, uplifting and inspiring oncology patients and staff with her cheerfulness and determination. Mary refused to let fear take control, explaining, “I decided to fight with all my might to make it to the final round as the winner, and I knew God was in the ring with me, ready to take swings anytime I didn’t have the strength to do so on my own.”

As she battled her way to victory, Mary enjoyed the comfort and support of her family, friends, faith and care team, including oncologist/hematologist Timothy Huyck, MD; infectious disease specialist Robert Penn, MD; oncology nurse practitioner Kim Bland; and chaplain team leader Melissa Strong. “I felt so at home during my hospital stay, and now I’m out living life because of the doctors and nurses at Methodist,” Mary said. “We kicked CANcer’s butt. CANcer does not define me, and it will not be the death of me. I want people to know that there is hope.”