Matthew TwitMatthew Twit

Brain Cancer Survivor

"Healing beings with positivity," says Matthew Twit. "No good comes of dwelling on why me? — it's an impasse."

For two long years, Matthew and his family sought answers to his deteriorating health. First came headaches and anxiety, then vision, memory, heart rate and hormonal problems. An undetected tumor was pressing against Matthew's pituitary gland while specialists prescribed mood elevators for a depression Matthew knew he did not have.

Diagnosis and lifesaving treatment of Matthew's rare germinoma brain cancer came from his care team at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center, including neurosurgeon Douglas Long, MD; medical oncologists Margaret Block, MD, and David Silverberg, MD; radiation oncologist Randall Duckert, MD; and family practice physician Elvira Rios, MD. Matthew, a talented musician and composer who will soon earn his bachelor's degree, says staying positive and engaged in life helps to ease the journey back to health.