Natalie NewkirkNatalie Newkirk

Ovarian Cancer Survivor

"Prayer has lifted me as nothing else could," says Natalie Newkirk, an active farmwife and mother of three who felt the world flip upside down at the words ovarian cancer.

She says she began the journey filled with questions and fears, but soon was armed with answers and support from a care team that included gynecologic oncologist David Crotzer, MD; oncology nurse Jean Brinkman, RN, OCN; and oncology dietitian Chandy Lockman Hoke, MS, RD, CSO, LMNT. "I learned as never before the importance of prayer, perseverance and finding an excellent doctor." For her best chance at remission, Natalie underwent surgery and a rigorous, cutting-edge treatment that filled her abdomen with chemotherapy. Asked to name the hardest parts of the journey, Natalie answers, "Having to tell the kids about my cancer, not being able to care for them and not looking like Mommy to my six-year-old."

Today, Natalie celebrates the goodness of God and answers to prayer. Looking forward to seeing her children grow, Natalie says, "I want to celebrate more birthdays!"