Delbert TenEyckDelbert TenEyck

Bladder, Prostate & Lung Cancer Survivor

"We're going to beat it," says Delbert TenEyck, whose tremendous fighting spirit stays strong throughout unthinkable adversity.

After losing siblings, a daughter and grandson to cancer, Delbert was diagnosed with metastatic bladder cancer in 2001. Given his prognosis, Delbert followed the prudent recommendation to put his affairs in order. Meanwhile, he underwent individualized treatment at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center and stayed upbeat.

In the years that followed, he triumphed over bladder cancer and prostate cancer. In 2010, he faced a new challenge – lung cancer – with specialized care from a team led by medical oncologist Ralph Hauke, MD; radiation oncologist Ali Mirmiran, MD; and pulmonologist Chris Shehan, MD. With the support of his care team, Delbert battles on with a positive attitude and deep appreciation for the bonus years he has gained.

At 74, Delbert revels in the simple joys of life, especially spending time with his children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren, saying, "I'm doing everything I want to do."