Jean Copeland

Lung Cancer Survivor

"I am so lucky to have a persistent internist!" says Jean Copeland. Her stage IA lung cancer was discovered because Steven Bailey, MD, insisted she take the "Lung Look Test," a low- dose chest CT scan that is part of the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program (I-ELCAP) available at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center. Because Jean's cancer was found so early, treatment required the surgical removal of a lobe of her lung, but no chemotherapy and no radiation therapy.

She credits her care team, which also included surgeon John Batter, MD; oncologist Laxmi Buddharaju, MD; pulmonologist George Thommi, MD; and the pulmonary rehab staff, with putting her on the road to recovery. "My dad died at age 60 from lung cancer and emphysema, and I know that catching cancer early makes such a difference," says Jean. "I'm a true believer in early screening."