Marge OstgaardMarge Ostgaard

Cervical Cancer Survivor

"While waiting to go into surgery, this peace came over me," remembers Marge Ostgaard. "God was taking care of me, and everything was going to be OK." Marge was just 38, with three young children, when she was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer in 1996.

The threat to her life was so great that a radical hysterectomy was scheduled almost immediately. Marge awoke to learn that the cancer had spread too far; the surgery had been halted. Instead, gynecologic oncologist Peter Morris, MD, mapped out a rigorous treatment of external and internal radiation therapy and days of round-the-clock intravenous chemotherapy.

Through it all, Marge drew great strength from her family, her faith, her church and Dr. Morris' words to her: "You cannot give up." Marge has celebrated a dozen years of survivorship, watched her children grow to adulthood and welcomed grandchildren into the world. She stays involved in cancer support activities and is an outspoken advocate for regular checkups.