Rhonda Post-SeipRhonda Post-Seip

Breast Cancer Survivor

"I never had any doubt about beating this," says Rhonda Post-Seip, "especially not with the angels in my workplace by my side." Rhonda, an IT applications development manager for Methodist Health System, had always been fiercely healthy.

Surprised by the onset of shoulder pain, she was shocked by the explanation. A nearly 3-centimeter breast tumor had developed within months of a normal mammogram. Members of Rhonda's care team included surgeon Steven Buda, MD; oncologist Robert Langdon, MD; plastic surgeon Jason Miller, MD, DDS; and radiologist Linda Sing, MD.

Members of her personal support network included the Methodist IT staff who were always there to share laughter and tears, give pep talks and go as a group to her chemotherapy. "I love my work and the people I work with," says Rhonda. "Every day is a gift."