Cancer Prevention & Hereditary Cancer Risk

Some of the most enlightening cancer research is happening today through Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center's cancer prevention programs.

Clinical trials give patients the opportunity to take part in studies that enhance our understanding of different forms of cancer. Prevention trials are conducted on all forms of cancer, including breast, lung, prostate and colorectal. All studies are strictly supervised and participation is voluntary. 

Helping find correlations between cancer and heredity is my passion. I treat each day as an opportunity to make a difference.  

Kathy Christiansen,
Cancer Prevention & Hereditary Cancer Risk

Hereditary cancer risk assessments help patients understand their potential risk for developing cancer. Those taking the assessment may or may not have a family history of cancer. Regardless of background, participants learn what steps they can take to reduce risk, prevent the onset or detect the disease early, when treatment is most effective. There is no fee for the risk-assessment questionnaire and initial consultation.

Our Providers

Kathy Christiansen, RN, BSN, OCN

Kathy has more than 24 years of experience as an oncology certified nurse and has worked with patients in a variety of settings.  She helped develop the Cancer Prevention & Hereditary Cancer Risk program in 1997 and was part of the first clinical oncology genetic testing at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center. Kathy is now the program manager and has worked with several large national cancer prevention trials.

Claiming Your Future — Cancer Prevention & Hereditary Cancer Risk Services

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